Sunday, July 3, 2011

Listen NOW to the Ray Hildebrand Special on The Paul Leslie Hour

We welcome Ray Hildebrand, known to many as "Paul" of Paul and Paula, a duo affectionately known as "The Sweethearts of the Sixties." Paul and Paula were a pop duo best known for the 1963 million-selling #1 hit record "Hey Paula," a romantic song that reached the top of the chart in the US, Europe and Japan. Worthy of note is that the duo Paul and Paula were #1 on the charts with "Hey Paula" on Valentine's Day, February 14. The song was one of Elvis Presley's favorites according to Priscilla Presley. Country singer Kenny Rogers named his twins "Paul" and "Paula" after the song and Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters credits the song as being inspiration and encouragement to get into the music business. "Hey Paula" has been featured in television shows like Cheers, Married...With Children, Dharma and Greg and That 70s Show as well as in movies like Hotel De Love, Family of Strangers and of course Animal House. Countless people have fallen in love and gotten married because of the song or have said they were named after the song or that they named their children for the song. Radio and television royalty statements indicate the song has been played somewhere in the world daily since 1963. Paul and Paula still perform once in a while for special events.

Today Ray Hildebrand is a contemporary Christian artist and continues to perform.

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