Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listen NOW to the Charlie Sheen Musical Documentary!

A One Hour Musical Biographical Radio Special on The Paul Leslie Hour

For the first time ever on The Paul Leslie Hour, we tell the story of Charlie Sheen...one of the most celebrated Actors in motion pictures and television...through music!

Narrated by Paul Leslie, we present a musical radio documentary about one of the biggest media sensations of 2011.

Listen NOW to the Jeff Daniels "Keep It Right Here" Special on The Paul Leslie Hour

Jeff Daniels joins us yet again on The Paul Leslie Hour to talk about his NEWEST (and best) album...KEEP IT RIGHT HERE, featuring Brad Philips and Dominic John Davis. We take an in-depth look at the album playing many of the albums tracks and welcome Jeff for an interview!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Laura Berkobin on CONVERSATIONS (With Paul Leslie)

Laura Berkobin
WHEN? March 8, 2011
WHERE? Alon's Bakery and Market at 4505 Ashford Dunwoody Road Northeast, Atlanta, GA

Laura studied public relations and has a profound love for horses. She admitted to being a daddy's girl while Paul enjoyed milk and cookies at Alon's.

Chad War Döbler on CONVERSATIONS (With Paul Leslie)

Chad War Döbler.

When? March 4, 2011
Where? The Porter Beer Bar, 1156 Euclid Avenue; (Little Five Points) Atlanta, GA 30307

Chad is into a hip, new music style known as Dubstep. He enjoyed a cold beer and we gained some great insight into this unique, cool, crisp and refreshing young man.

Cody Morris on CONVERSATIONS (With Paul Leslie)

Cody Morris
When? March 2011
Where? Paul's house

Cody recalls his favorite smell and talks about the end of the world as we sit at a kitchen table.

Mili Santaniello on CONVERSATIONS (With Paul Leslie)

Mili Santaniello

WHEN? February 24, 2011
WHERE? On the Street in front of The Hard Rock Cafe, 215 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, GA 30303

Mili is originally from Peru and is married to Tommy.

Ashley Carter on CONVERSATIONS (With Paul Leslie)

Ashley Carter
WHEN? February 24, 2011
WHERE? On the Street in front of The Hard Rock Cafe, 215 Peachtree St. NE Atlanta, GA 30303

Ashley likes kid's cereal and is the booking agent for Life and Limb.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Marshall Chapman Special on The Paul Leslie Hour

Marshall Chapman is a guitarist, singer-songwriter, published author, actor, performer, spoken word artist and recording artist. Marshall Chapman has written and performed with the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and John Hiatt and her songs have been covered by people ranging from Conway Twitty, Joe Cocker and Irma Thomas. Marshall Chapman joins us to talk about her latest album “Big Lonesome,” which she produced with Michael Utley. “Big Lonesome” is her 12th album, the sixth release on Tallgirl Records. “Big Lonesome,” is in our opinion her finest record, dedicated to the late Tim Krekel. Tim Krekel was planning to record a duet album with Chapman, when Krekel was diagnosed with cancer. Three months later he passed away. “Big Lonesome” was inspired by Tim Krekel, whose voice and guitar appear on the album.

As anyone who listens in will hear, Marshall Chapman makes for an entertaining and interesting interview. She interviewed a number of artists herself, for her second and latest book “They Came to Nashville,” wherein Music City Legends share their stories with Chapman. Marshall Chapman is also a contributing editor for Garden & Gun magazine and appears in the film “Country Strong” playing Gwyneth Paltrow’s character’s road manager.

The music from “Big Lonesome” is as real as it comes…her pleasant, unique speaking voice coupled with her storytelling background make for one of the most unique interviews we’ve ever featured.