Sunday, July 3, 2011

Listen NOW to the Conal Fowkes Special on The Paul Leslie Hour

Conal Fowkes is the pianist and sometimes double bassist for The Eddy Davis New Orleans Jazz Band featuring Woody Allen. He is also a recording artist who released a solo album entitled "Dizzy Fingers." With Eddy Davis he is a member of the Eddie Davis & Conal Fowkes duo. Davis & Fowkes have released a new DVD: "Eddy Davis & Conal Fowkes Live in Concert," filmed in the Café Vienes at the Hotel Casa Fuster in Barcelona, Spain.

“Midnight in Paris,” the new Woody Allen film in theaters now features Conal Fowkes singing and playing Let’s Do It, You Do Something To Me and You’ve Got That Thing all by Cole Porter, also featured is Conal playing piano with the Yerason Trio.

Along with the songs from the new live DVD, we're going to share an interview with Conal Fowkes, a man who makes for a delightful interview!

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