Sunday, November 6, 2011

Listen to the Michael Shnayerson Special on The Paul Leslie Hour (HIS SONG: Harry Belafonte, a Series)

This is a radio series entitled HIS SONG: Harry Belafonte, where we take a look at the life and recordings of Harry Belafonte through a series of interviews.

On this first episode of the series, we welcome our special guest Michael Shnayerson. Michael Shnayerson is a journalist and a longtime contributor to Vanity Fair magazine. Shnayerson has written several books, including the recent book with Harry Belafonte: MY SONG, A Memoir. MY SONG tells the story of Harry Belafonte, called one of the greatest entertainers of our time. MY SONG takes the reader from Belafonte's early days as a child growing up in Harlem and Jamaica, to his careers in acting and music. However, MY SONG is about more than Harry Belafonte the singer. Harry Belafonte was the first recording artist in history to sell one million copies of an album. MY SONG is also about Harry Belafonte the activist and Humanitarian. Harry Belafonte is an important figure in the American Civil Rights Movement, but Belafonte's passion has extended beyond the borders of the United States. Belafonte has been involved in political, social and Humanitarian causes around the world. It is my pleasure to welcome Michael Shnayerson, co-author of Harry Belafonte's MY SONG: A Memoir on The Paul Leslie Hour.

Enjoy the story! Enjoy the music!

To listen to the entire radio special:

To listen to the interview only:

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