Friday, September 16, 2011

Listen to the Abe Laboriel, Jr. Special (Part 1 of 2) on The Paul Leslie Hour--Paul McCartney Band Series

This is the fifth episode in an 8-part in-depth series profiling the four fabulous musicians who make up the most famous backing band in music today--Paul McCartney's Band.

Our special guest is Abe Laboriel, Jr.; drummer for Paul McCartney. Abe Laboriel, Jr. is the son of the legendary bassist Abraham Laboriel, Sr. Abe Laboriel, Jr. toured with guitarist Steve Vai then he went on to tour with k. d. lang when recording artist Sting saw him perform and asked Laboriel to join his touring band. Abe Laboriel, Jr. has worked with the likes of Sheryl Crowe, Fiona Apple, Eric Clapton, Jewel, Vanessa Carlton, Steve Lukather, Chris Isaak, Johnny Hallyday, Natalie Cole, and many others. Over the past decade, Abe Laboriel, Jr. has been touring and recording with Paul McCartney starting with the 2001 McCartney album "Driving Rain," followed by "Back in the US," "Back in the World," "Chaos and Creation in the Backyard," "Memory Almost Full" and the most recent live Paul McCartney album "Good Evening New York City."

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